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Heat Transfers

Transfer express
phone 800.622.2280

Website Design

Bordes Web Design
(410) 499-8322
“I highly recommend, they deliver what they promise!” – Bob

Manage your screen-printing shop with ease.

Film Positive Printing Package

Blank T-shirts

The cotton Connection
The cotton Connection is out of Chicago

San Mar

Warehouses all over the U.S.A,
so shipping will be fast and affordable

Silkscreen Supplies

SMR Premium Vellum
Looking to reduce costs in your screen printing shop?
SMR Premium Vellum can replace film for many types of jobs, at a fraction of the price.
Saves time too! 

Screen Depot Los Angeles

Screens All types and Sizes
2123 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 747-2727

SAATI America

(800) 431-2200 east coast
(310) 523-3676 Saati west coast
North Carolina +1 (864) 601-8300
I get my emulsion from saati america it is called “PV series" and it is pink pre mixed emulsion

Victory Factory

Is out of New York, they ship and are fast and friendly.

Mclogin screen supply

Los Angeles , Anaheim ,San Diego California


Screen Printing Supplies