Silk Screen Supplies

The following is a list of silk screen supplies meant to be used with our Silk Screen Printers and Silk Screen Flash Dryers. These include multiple silk screens and registration brackets to allow for easy multi-color printing. We also provide a basic supplies kit which should help any aspiring t-shirt maker begin to print and sell their own t-shirts.

Basic Supply Kit


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Supply Kit Includes

  • Emulsion 16 OZ
  • Black INK 16 OZ
  • Soy Solvent 16 OZ
  • Reclaimer 16 OZ
  • 10 Practice pellons
  • 6 inch screen coater
  • Spray adhesive
  • ONE 20 x 24 Silk screen (110 mesh)
  • ONE 12 inch Wood Squeegee

5 Silk Screen Pack

Only $100.00

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FIVE PACK of Silk screens 20” x 24" 110 mesh

Extra Registration Brackets


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You receive two sets of registration brackets that allow you to print two more colors to the silver eagle or the blue diamond printer.

Registration Pins


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Platen Bracket for Blue Diamond Printer


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