Testomonies and Success Stories

My name is Alex, I was watching a few of your videos on YouTube and I just wanted to say that they have been very helpful. They have helped shift my mind in a more entrepreneurial way (If you ever come out with a book on this stuff let me know). I Just wanted to say thank you. The fact that you teach about earning money is so important thank you!

Hello, I bought my first screen printing system from you and made a whole bunch of money with it!! Thanks a million. I am looking for some more of the soy cleaning liquid that was in the original package I bought from you. Can I go through you or should I look somewhere else?? Thanks for your time and continued success!

I have to thank you for my success it has been amazing, I remember when i bought my first printer from you. You were very helpful and honest. This is a great printer and your products are always great quality.
Thank you
Hi Bob & Team

I have not even used the Silver Bandit just yet; however, I am AMAZED at how you are actually in business because you all GIVE AWAY SO MUCH INFORMATION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.
Thank You!!! It is a MUST to keep up the GREAT WORK.

You have truly WON confidence in just informing the basic HOW TO VIDEOS from start to finish. You all have taken your responsibility MORE THAN any customer could ask. That’s INTEGRITY! I can say I have been watching and watching and watching before I purchased a SINGLE NUT from you thinking ‘He MUST be a nut to GIVE this to people’. Until, I realized here is a SPECIALIST who cares about people ‘trying to make a buck’. This is true freedom & liberty in the old saying ‘The CUSTOMER comes FIRST’. Pricing was timely, delivery was fast, nice packaging, parts ASSEMBLED (WOW-BIG plus-expected to have to do all of it), quick to answer to follow-up concerns; ever need a referral -YOU GOT IT!

Thanks in advance for your tenacious attitude in caring for the livelihoods of up & coming entrepreneurs like myself who need advice from PRACTICED trial-and-error.Jameel (Philadelphia) I just finished my first t-shirt printing job for my company. 50 shirts, 1 color backs, 250.00 profit!! It’s just like printing money!
- Angel from Texas

Thanks Bob. You are the best. I have made over 1000 shirts on my machine since I bought from you with my last penny to start a business. Because of your machine I have networked and made an extra income for me and my family to help pay for our rent. For those that are starting. Don’t spend too much money until you buy and learn from Bob.Comment from youtube channel Got your machine in and I’m loving it. I’m finally starting to get some really nice prints using white ink. I just needed the right equipment!
-Jenny Oklahoma

Thanks for the quick delivery – have just finished my run of shirts, flash dryer worked way better than my older one that broke – MADE IN TAIWAN – glad to see one made in the U.S.A., we are an eco-green company and use hemp and/or organic cotton, with soy based ink. You can view our Ebay store to see most of our products. If we hear of anyone needing a dryer we will send them your way.
Thanks again, Anna

Thanks to Bob, I got into screen printing, starting my company with my first order on one of Bob’s machines. Since then I have made thousands of shirts for major corporations and the military, and even began consulting and running other screen printing businesses. It really changed my life.
- Thanks Bob!

Bob, I bought my first t-shirt printer from you about 5 years ago! It paid for itself in about 5 months; ever since then I’ve been hooked! I now have a garage full of equipment-8-color manual (antec), 8′ conveyor dryer, exposure unit with vacuum (homemade), etc. After I got your printer ( I sold it last year to young couple in Phx), I clicked on a link on your website and saw that the US Screeprint Institute was located in PHX, AZ. ( an 1 and a half hour drive) . Anyway I met Scott and Mike Fresener – I’ve learned a lot because of YOU! I also airbrush now!!!!!
Thank you! Ray Siqueiros

I can’t tell you how much your training videos have helped me. Your videos are what I used to self train and learn about the screen printing business. I have used all of the tips that you have given on your videos time and time again. I have referred back to your videos when I have ran into problems. I have been in the business for about 3 months now and just this last month I have made over $2000.00, the orders keep rolling in. I have hired someone to help me pull the ink while I work my day job. I have just purchased one of your 18′ x 18″ flash driers and the poor mans conveyor to help speed up the process. I want to sincerely thank you for showing me the cheapest and easiest ways to do every part of the screen printing process. I will come to you for all of my future equipment purchases as I know that you are always looking for the best and most economic way to help us make t-shirts. Also Bob, about a month ago when I had some questions about screen printing I called the phone number listed on your website. You answered the phone yourself. I could not believe that, then you stayed on the phone with me for about 45 minutes and gave me alot of great advise. Where else can you find that now a days??|
Thank you, Kyle Elizabethtown, NC